Soshianest Enterprise Miner - News: Closing 2020

Closing 2020

Closing 2020

This week remarks the end of an important chapter for Soshianest. As the year 2020 finishes, we had a chance to look back and view our progress in such a unique year. 2020 was a year where Soshianest focused on bringing all its ideas and purpose to life. There were a lot of challenges on the way but those challenges bonded our team together to become more experienced and improve the platform for the users in the upcoming year. This year as we focused on the containership, tankers and chemical vessels, our team expanded their numbers and capability to target other sectors for the start of 2021. Our team pushed one last time to finish the year strong and set a tone for the new year. These are the updates from this week:

  • The management has started "phase 2." This project concentrates on expanding the prediction model to the LPG vessels in the gas carrier sector. Data cleaning progress has been completed.  Once initial modelling is done, we can deep dive into different variables and remove the redundant info and possibly low variance data to enhance the prediction results. But as of right now, building the model is the next task on our list.

  • Our Data scientist's recent evaluation of the oil tanker models has shown that a retraining process is necessary to bring the prediction results to Soshianest’ s defined level of accuracy. The retraining process on our Tanker prediction model has been started this week and we will update the results in the upcoming week.

  • Soshianest also has a new brochure. Please check it out!

Happy New Year!

Soshianest Team

2021-01-02  00:02:30