Soshianest Enterprise Miner - News: Progress Update

Progress Update

Soshianest weekly Update


Oil, Chemical & Container: 

As promised, the annually predictions for Oil, Chemical & Container has been updated. Users can now see the prediction result up to two years for different vessel sectors, such tankers and container. 


Soshianest is on its way to expanding its slate of available forecasts by including LPG vessels in the gas carrier sector. With the start of the new year, we have started our modelling process for LPG vessels. We have been successful in implementing a few modelling approaches that have given us some encouraging results.  

This is just the initial step in a process where we will test multiple modelling approaches, vary possible parameters and do rigorous testing on unseen data to confirm the validity and accuracy of the model.  

 The purpose of this in-depth testing process is that the final model that we present to our clients stands the test of time. We will therefore be able to win the trust of our clients that our predictions are robust and accurate. Hence they can be confident in basing their decisions on the insights provided by our forecasted trends.