Soshianest Enterprise Miner - News: Start of a New Chapter

Start of a New Chapter

Start of a New Chapter

Oil& chemical Sector

Chemical tankers:

We have successfully connected the backend to the front end. our evaluation with unseen data is promising. our prediction accuracy is within approximately ±15%, except followings which are slightly over and we might deactivate them for now:

  • Gulf - Far East 15,000mt Chemical Rates
  • Houston - Rotterdam 2,000mt SpecChem Rates
  • Houston - Far East 5,000mt EasyChem Rates

Input data and predictions updated in backend and successfully connected to the front end. we are testing all sections (graphs, charts, top tens, and gauge) to make sure all connections ( via JSON API) interfaces have been established correctly.

General Cargo Section

Container ship:

Back end work has been completed. We are evaluating the prediction accuracy to make sure built models have captured the patterns properly and whether the accuracy of our predictions with unseen data is writhing our expected range of ±15%.