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Aframaz, Panamax, Handysize And Shuttle Tanker

Panamax tankers are vessels that are designed for and operate in the Panama region. They have to strictly meet the Panama Canel Authority (PCA) requirements because the entry and exit sides of this canal are narrow. Panamax Tankers cant be longer than 294 meters (965 ft) and wider than 32 meters (106ft). The draught must not be more than 12 meters (39.5ft) The size range in Panamax tankers goes from around 50,000DWT up to 100,000DWT. Although the new Paramax tankers tend to go up to 120,000DWT. Panamax tankers have made transportation faster and more economically efficient, therefore Canadian ports, American ports, Chinese ports and many other countries started to design their facility to accept these tankers.

Handysize tankers usually refer to small tankers, and there is no official size class for it. Although most people in the tanker industry classify vessel's from 15,000 DWT to 35,000 DWT in the Handysize tanker category. Sometime Handymax and Supramax follow under the Handysize tanker category. The main characteristic of this group of tankers is that they have shorter draught compare to Panamax, Chinamax, Suezmax and many other tanker family groups. This characteristic is very essential because it makes them usable in almost all the ports around the globe, such as Canadian ports, Chinese ports and American ports. Their size also allows them to easily navigate through high traffic routes such as busy routes in Singapore.

Shuttle Tankers are the solution for the transportation of oil (crude oil) from offshore oil platforms to ports. Shuttle Tankers are an appropriate environmentally friendly and economically efficient alternative to building a pipeline between shore and offshore platforms. In current days, they operate around the globe and have become key players in the tanker market. These tankers have to be equipped with many recent technologies to keep them effective and efficient in transporting crude oil. Some of these features are Dynamic Positioning Systems, The single point mooring system Tandem Loading System.